Monday, March 22, 2004

Oh So Quiet

Not been posting much because I haven't had much to say.

Having an internal week or two.

However, things that have been interesting me... include the ConCon UK

Having met a nice lady at a work party and had possibly the most enthusiastic conversation ever about RSS feeds (geek, geeek, geeeeek!)...

I want to start a fortnightly meet. In a pub. Where lots of interesting folk can come along and talk nonsense and drink beer.

Because I'm bored of never being able to engage with ideas with anyone.

I'll set up an email list, or something, and do the organising. We could do it on a weeknight so we can have those reqesite work hangovers and a sense of achievement / befuddlement the next day.

The rules -
Polite skepticism. Challenge people, but let them be wrong if they need to be.
Look outside the group for inspiration - none of this everdecreasingcircles of navelgazing, it's about getting out of ruts.
Consideration - if someone doesn't get it, explain it to them. Good explainations are a skill we can all use.

Anyone up for it?

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