Monday, June 07, 2004

A thought - about books

Am having a lot of thoughts at the moment about how you could make a WMP/iTunes type application for monitoring books.

Now, kinda hard, as books are, well, big blocks of printed paper, and I'm not giving them up for anything.

But the ISBN number would seem to be the best way of tracking a book - it's a UID.

So... what would happen if you could create a google-like text ads service that looked at the metadata of whatever page (or mp3) you were looking at (listening to) and reccomended you an honest to goodness ink and tree book on the subject?

And then also looked at clickthroughs etc to relate peoples likes and dislikes.

I want an app that marries my record collection, my bookshelf, my browsing habits and my amazon ratings, and uses it to dispense timely reccomendations to me.

Well, I sort of do, only I would end up bankrupt.

What would happen, too, if it lived on your mobile? So you could tap in an ISBN in a bookshop and get it added to your system?

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