Friday, July 16, 2004

Ducking and Jiving

A rather super trip to see Lemon Jelly live at Sommerset house last night. The usual Jelly fun - Play your Cards Right, and a free CD to take home.

The leaping about at the gig was puncutated by a text conversation with Sarah at home, which I've decided to preserve...

S: Custard is not an explosive

K: No. But custard POWDER is

S: What did we do wrong? Yucky burnt custard smell.

K: Try blowing it across a naked flame

S: Kaboom.

K: I'm going to be the first person to lose a fiance in a hideous custard related accident

S: Wahahaha...


S: Bwh-ha-haa! Pyrocustard!

K: Um, where's the cat?

S: Buy cat wig.

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