Wednesday, March 23, 2005

beautiful agony - facettes de la petite mort

beautiful agony - facettes de la petite mort

Not particularly safe for work, this one... although there's no actual rudeness visible on the landing page.

A fascinating take on pornography - video shot in mcu, just showing the face of the subject as they (hello Dad! It looks like a decent site, probably won't mess up the credit card or download too much spyware...) come.

I haven't actually bothered to download anything - just a look at the homepage is enough to get the idea, and understand how the site... delivers. Strange, it's almost conceptual porn. I wonder if this oblique approach on the erotic would be more willingly consumed by women? Certainly there's none of the lurid plasticy long-nailed revoltingness of mainstream sites.

I was toying with an idea along these lines a couple of years ago, but - well, thinking up an idea for an art/porn site and then actually engaging with the moral and practical complexities of setting it up are two completely different things.

I've had a line that was dropped into a pub conversation tickling at the back of my mind for months. Something along the lines of 'You can't possibly hate the human race, they're really quite sweet. All they want to do, deep down, is look at each other naked.'

Or even, it seems, look at each other and fill in the mental idea that the other might be naked.


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pedrojoper said...

I think it's quite ingenious. I've seen two of these at google videos and enjoyed every bit. Oh, BTW, I'm a guy...

Jeff Wills said...

I hope you don't mind, but I linked to you on my 'blog. I wanted to post this site, but worried about some of my younger/slash/unhip readers accidentally linking. Your entry sums up my feelings regarding the site nicely, and I love the pub quote. If you want to see the entry you're attached to:
Sorry in advance for the length and Yankee sense of humor.