Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Any colour you want...

So Apple have released the new MacBook. It looks kind of sweet, and I'm nearly tempted by a Mac Laptop.

But... but... but. OK, so you look at the middle model. The White one. £899. The only difference between that and the £1029 black model is the size of the harddrive. That'll be 60gig vs 80gig.

And then on the customisation page, you get to upgrade the size of the white MacBook's harddrive to 80gig, taking the total cost to £939.00.


Ninety quid.

It costs ninety quid to have it in black.

I'm not sure what I despair more about - that Apple are doing this, or that idiots will actually buy it.


Conrad Quilty-Harper said...

You can count me out of those idiots. I bought a mid-range white model with a BTO 80GB Hard Drive. I saved around £80 by not getting the pointless top end machine (that's with my student discount, not retail).

Fuckkit said...

Yet more proof that Apple are evil! Possibly more evil than Microsoft, oh yes. At least Microsoft are openly evil, Apple like to pretend they're the good guys, they get away with murder.

*wanders off feeling much better about being a Microsoft whore*

kim said...

Hmn, yeah. Not sure about evil, to be honest. More just late stage capitalist.