Tuesday, August 15, 2006

"I haven't been up to much these days." - Except, We Presume, Partying.

A colleague just sent me a very sweet piece of live email address phishing spam; an email inviting you to add your names to the guest list of exclusive clubnights.

From: Zoe [mailto:zoe.neslen@hotmail.co.uk]
Sent: 15 August 2006 12:47
To: Ann
Subject: Weekly Parties

Here is a list of our weekly guest list only clubs:

This weeks parties:

Wed: Movida

Wed: Pangaea

Thurs: Umbaba

Thurs: Aura

Fri: Roof Gardens

Fri: The Penthouse

Sat: Playrooms


Sat: Roof Gardens

Please email guest lists with full names and emails by 6pm on the night of the party.

Note: All our parties are GUEST LIST ONLY.

Zoe Neslen

I think it's more grist to the mill around the Spam-achieving-sentience meme; first it has a very down week, then it decides to set up a club night and invite all its friends over to parrtay.

I also love the idea of a club called Pangea. Presumably your experience fragments as the night wears on.

Re-reading the sad Becketlike singing of loneliness, It occurred to me that you could track the spambots progress using the common phrase in the comments:

"I haven't been up to much these days." - Google Search

Over 60,000 positive hits; and some on blogs.msdn.com - nice to know that Microsoft has the same problems as the little guy when they play in our sphere...

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