Thursday, June 14, 2007

Google Homepage Gadget

BBC Pres Clock Google Gadget

I made a gadget. It shows the flash files of the old BBC clocks from the cult site. You can put it on your google homepage.

To make it work:
- Sign in to your google personal homepage
- hit the 'add stuff' link on the left just above the content panel
- hit 'add by URL' next to the search homepage content button
- put this url in the box
- confirm
- go back to your homepage and marvel at my leet coding skillz. :)

It may stop working when the BBC archives my old cult site. /wipes away tear


Anonymous said...

Consider your skillz marvelled at! Love it. :-)

One ickle thing, mine keeps defaulting back to the "stop" setting, is it javascript:void(0)
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Alexander said...

Lovely. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Cult is "currently a litle bit broken" and will be "restored to full health in a couple of days". Apparently. *Sniff*.

Anonymous said...

...and it's back. Hurrah.