Friday, November 16, 2007

Twitter / AEguy27

Twitter / AEguy27: "About
* Name AEguy27
* Location Costa Mesa, CA
* Web http://sportshut....
* Bio I am 21, Live in southern California, and go to the Art Institute as an Advertising major! Stats
* Following 4,783
* Followers 339
* Favorites 2
* Updates 158"

I'm not sure that they're teaching their students the right things on the Advertising Course at CalArts. an Art Institute in southern California.

Advice to Mr AEguy27: friending everyone in twitter makes you look like a cunt. Stop it.


Matt said...

Putting a post like that on your page is not necessary. You have a problem with me, then take it up with me. Never been to "Cal Arts" but I'll make sure to stop by their advertising division and let them know you approve. You don't know me, so I would appreciate it if you wouldn't say another word about me. Grow up, and quit taking shots in the dark at people. Thanks.

kim said...

Matt - boo fucking hoo. You friended me - a complete stranger - on twitter. I get an email. I check out your twitter stream, and all it is is a bunch of 'gee look at my great sports blog'.

If you want to understand social media as a vector for promoting your brand, consider being called a cunt an object lesson in how to handle it gracefully when you piss people off by filling their social spaces with marketing messages.

I'll happily correct the CalArts mistake - I'm not up on US colleges.

Matt said...

Boo-fucking-who? Thats what you have for me? If you don't want to friend me, don't do it. It's not my problem I had a link for my blog posted when you looked. I have over 160 updates on twitter, and possibly FOUR of them have my blog link. I'm sorry if you feel like I am just an advertiser, because I'm not. One thing I wont do, is engage in junior high name-calling with another adult. I know you think you are super cool for telling me off, but I think its time you get off your high horse and realize everyone isn't out to get you.

kim said...

Fair enough, Matt.

You'll notice I didn't friend you, because frankly, I have NO idea who you are, and I'm not sure you have the first idea who I am. I'm just some random person you decided to friend on a social network, just like you're some random username I decided to make an object lesson of.

I'm just really fascinated to know quite what you gain from having a 10-1 following-followers ratio, other than google juice, and a really heavy SMS distraction habit. Are you really interested in over 4000 people? Do you genuinely follow them? Are you using a narrowcast medium in a broadcast way? What does stating that you're following someone mean to you? Is it a game to see how big you can get the number of followings, or do reciprocal links count to you? How does your friend ratio and the contents of your stream affect the way I'm likely to respond to you?

You're still, by the way, not doing a particularly good job of persuading me that you're a nice, genuine guy I should be interested in and be glad to receive updates about. I don't think you're 'out to get me' - I just think you haven't quite thought through your behaviour, what it means in terms of 'self-promotion', and what impression of you people will form from that. And, considering you're studying advertising, you might want to think about those things.

For instance, you presumably googled yourself to find this article, or carefully checked back referrals and made the decision to visit to see what I was saying. Whereas to find out about you, I received an email in to my personal account during a busy day at work, saying you'd created a connection to me in a place where I generally only interact with people I actually know in the flesh.

This difference in register is what made me react badly to you. Learn why people have these reactions, and what you can do to mediate and ameliorate those reactions, and you will be a much better and more employable advertising graduate at the end of your degree.

Matt said...

For some reason you seem to truly believe my life completely revolves around advertising. I don't even WANT to do advertising, I am just using the degree as a starting place for me to build on. I'm sorry you don't think I am a genuine guy that you would like to follow, that's your prerogative. I am interested in getting to know as many people as I possibly can all over the place. Some of the people I add, I don't know. This is true. Others (a good many) I do know from places I have been or lived, or met in other social forums.

To set the record straight, a friend of mine actually stumbled upon this post and let me know about it. If I was just some guy out to promote my blog, do you suppose I would take the time to talk to someone that disapproves of something I have done?

I love sports. I like to talk about sports. I also like to write about sports. If people want to read my sports articles, that is wonderful...if not, thats ok too. Just like you have your blog here, I'm sure you appreciate it when people check it out.

Believe me Kim, if I was out to do an advertising campaign I would not be using Twitter. I like to think I am little more savvy than that. lol I do appreciate your point of view, and I apologize if you feel like I invaded your personal space. That was not my intention. I just like meeting new people.

I'm off to eat some turkey, have a good one.

Perry Neeham said...

Wow, you two dandruffy people really should get out more. Jack Dee was probably talking to Matt when he said "You're not surfing the net, you're typing in your bedroom".

kim said...


What a marvelously self-implicating insult to post on an internet blog, Mr Perry. :)