Thursday, December 04, 2008

Life Drawing

Life Drawing
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I finally have something to post about.

I went to a life class - my first for a good ten years.

I can still draw.

This is a very very happy thing.


Unknown said...

Dear Kim,
A while ago you wrote an article on the ridiculous facebook group made by three very immature boys called AGA. Somehow I was a part of that group when I never added myself. I knew the three boys through church events but unlike them, I am not homophobic.I go to an all male catholic high school and I have many gay friends who I am very close with. Why would I ever join a group against my friends and what I believe in. These boys obviously found a way to add me to this ridiculous group. Could you please delete my name from this blog. I do not want my name tarnished because of a terrible thing that other boys did as I was not a part of this. Thank you.

Sandra T said...

Nice drawing!

BlessedGal said...

that is very very lovely news!