Thursday, July 31, 2003

Workshy bastards both

The reason I've got this bloggy thing, is that

1. I've been meaning to get one for ages

2. I'm kind of getting one at work, but won't be able to use rude words. Bumhole Pissflaps Funt.

3. My housemate got one and is being blatantly funnier than I am.

Now, I don't mind him being funnier than me that much. Really. It's just sort of... raised the bar a wee bit. And I do love a challenge. There's also the matter of our differing writing styles - I'm slightly drier than him, and tend towards the conversational in tone. He tends towards grandstanding.

At some point, of course, we'll actually get the joint blog we've been talking about. But until then pointless competition over post counts and jokes about sexy parties will have to suffice...

Anyhoo, go check out his blog. And I can only presume that the title comes from the noise when his head (pictured on his banner) exploded. Kind of... how would you describe it?

Kind of a Poof sort of a noise.

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