Friday, September 05, 2003


James has been ordering boys off the interweb. And likens the experience of using gaydar to shopping for men on Amazon.

I'd like to comment his post, but I'll blog it instead. He's missing a few things...
1. Returns Policy
2. Ratings
3. Occasionally, they'd send you an email saying 'Based on your previous shags, we'd like to reccomend a spotty twunt that smells faintly of eggs', and be genuinely surprised when you complained.
4. If you had a quick excursion into the opposite sex, or, say, heavy S&M, you'd never be able to get your reccomendations sorted again.
5. It would tell you how much you could make if you'd turned tricks with your past shags.
6. Everyone would have Bradd Pitt on their wishlist

Speaking of which, buy me a present. Go on.

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