Monday, November 24, 2003

Quick roundup

For those of you who occasionally drop by, heres a quick summary of things that I've been pointing my browser at over the last couple of weeks.

Fridge Poetry meets Ubergeek

The Sounds of the BBC Model B Microcomputer
(warning - may make you cry with 8 bit nostalgia)

Nigella's Kitchenware

The Sea at Spellingmistakescostlives

Lugnet - Lego for grownups. Found a shop in Kingston where you can buy Pik-n-Mix Brikkies. They do pink legos these days. That's just wrong.

The Ukes of Hazzard

Fungus of the Month - the Split Gill

More BBC sounds - with a Music 500

What Donald Duck did in the War

Tiny Weeny Ikkle Hamster! Just the cutest thing EVER!

Self Service Shopping

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