Thursday, October 14, 2004

Hear my plea, Oh Lazyweb

Oh, great gods of the Lazyweb, thee who can code in Perl, and C++, and knoweth how to use the command line...

I'm in bookmark hell. I've got two browsers on my work machine, a roaming profile that doesn't update properly, a account, a computer at home with two profiles on it, two CDs with my favourites saved on them, and a backup on a harddrive somewhere; and I'm bored, bored, bored of never having my bookmarks organised properly.

Can someone write a beautiful browser plugin that allows me to...
  • Bookmark webpages with tags, like does
  • Treat my 'bunch of tagged links' as a time-based linkstream
  • Publish a tasty RSS file I can plug into my blog
  • Also treat my 'b.o.t.l' as a set of folders, layed out visually, so I can find stuff easily
  • Make sure that if a link in the b.o.t.l has more than one tag, it appears in more than one folder
  • ... but makes sure links are always kept up to date if I change the URL it points to
  • Allows my browsers-plural, of both MSIE and Firefox flavours, to access my b.o.t.l's and display them as if they were my bookmarks/favourites
  • Automatically adds links I bookmark/favourite-ize to the b.o.t.l's on the server, and give me the option to tag them like wot I do in
  • Synchronise with and bloglines, in a live bookmarks sort of a way.

Please. Before I go mad.


Kevin Marks said...

We're working on this problem - see the attention.xml format.

H said...

Have a look at