Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Tant Pis

Emma Kennedy is having a bad day, the poor darling.

Her beagle peed in her laptop.

I don't think I've expressed my general admiration for Emma's writing before, but her blog really is most fine. She has a rather pleasant rambling turn of phrase, and a habit of using recurrring jokes, which I greatly appreciate. It all feels... Woodhousean, and makes me laugh out loud in the office, which only serves to reinforce my reputation for being odd.

For a famous person, she seems much too friendly, pleasant and jolly. I worry that she'll be tainted by celebrity and loose her natural, straightforward charm. Or become cynical, or be led astray by one of those Sadie Frost types into a life of designer frippery and casual drug abuse in fashionable soho members clubs.

It would be a waste.

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