Monday, August 01, 2005

Bangs head against desk

So the boy and I spend *all* weekend sorting out my parents' new PC.

And then, tonight, this. And my dad just swore at me a lot down the phone. It's bad to hang up on your dad, right?

The computer switches it's self on, Found it flashing and whirring , but comlpletely siezed up.( Continued by Ma)......Dad says tha when you left you said - no need to switch off at the wall socket. He then switched off at the extension socket.
Dad continues, but I cannot make head nor tail of it so he says can you get in touch urgently - doesnt matter how late. We are trying to scan the plans dad has drawn for the neighbour!!!
On again showeed a blackand white, Ide check " Master disk check disabled PCI Device 16 !lots data Now responds to mouse, turned off came back showing a bit of XP very dim screen a few random keys showed

THey've moved over from Win98 to XP. This should be easier, right? It's the fear of the unknown that seems to get them - and when something untoward happens, they go straight into panic mode, with no way of beginning to diagnose the problem whatsoever.

The last thing I want is to have to spend another weekend sorting out a borked harddrive from powering up and down...

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