Sunday, August 28, 2005

Life Preserver

There may be an excessive ammount of jam,chutney,preserve and bottling related activity around these parts, imminently. I'm on a promise with my boys to make them marmalade (they tried the pink grapefruit and ginger my ex made, with me helping out...) and possibly jam, too.I however have a yen for chutney; preferring savoury preserves at present.

I've emarked a jam pan. I've got my mother's 1960s MAFF guide to preserving (and will OCR and publish to the web imminently...). Comedy disaster will ensue, but I'll feel like a domestic godess in the process.

Its a side of me that - when discovered - usually surprises people; certainly at work, people are amused to uncover my home-body leanings. It's something that is spectacularly hard to avoid when you're the offspring of a proper, oldskool Home Ec teacher. As I type, her old sewing machine is set up on the dinner table, and I've broken off from taking up a pair of jeans. Badly enough that mum would look down her nose at my shoddy technique, but well enough for me...

Gosh, this is rambly. But it ties up, really it does - with a rather charming new article about some 34 year old chutney that was confirmed edible by some Home Economists.

Conclusive proof that it won't be the cockroaches that take over the world in the event of a nuclear holocaust; it'll be the W.I.


Matt said...

can I put in an order for a jar of pink grapefruit marmalade?

Mrs Wann said...

There is nothing finer in life than a cheese and homemade chutney sandwich, a concept my husband does not understand. All the more for me when my grandma or mother makes a batch. I applaud your efforts!