Friday, October 21, 2005

Download Quicktime 7 Without Downloading iTunes 6

Just a little public service announcement.

You don't have to download the latest version of iTunes in order to get at the juicy QuickTime7 goodness, by the way.

There's a cunning little link to a standalone installer, which at first glance looks like part of the feature set of QuickTime 7 Pro. But isn't.

So, here, in all it's glory, is the QuickTime 7 Standalone Installer, without iTunes.

AND - you don't have to type your email address in the box for the download to work, either.

That is all. Go back about your business. Tags:


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Tk-421 said...

Thanks for the linkage! I knew there had to be a stand-alone installer but I couldn't find it. Thx!

Dan said...

Thanks! you're a life saver!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for that tip !!!

Glenn Shepard said...

Thanks Kim!

Glenn Shepard
Nashville, Tennessee