Thursday, October 20, 2005

Helpful Microsoft AAC support

So - my work PC has upgraded to windows media player 10. I've got some AAC files kicking around my hard drive. I can't play them. So I pootle off to see where codecs for AAC / MP4 can be found.

And I follow the links from this Microsoft Knowledge Base page.




Julian said...

Thanks for the link Kim - I was looking for just this info from work yesterday too!

Julian said...

I see your irony now!

Following the links from the MS page, both products (Ligos LSX-MPEG Player and EnvivioTV) have been retired...

kim said...

yeeees - I should probaly be clearer about that, shouldn't I?

You could try the klite codec pack - it used to have the relevant codecs in it. There's 3ivx too - but it's a paid download and did that deeply annoying thing of reassigning all my audio icons to its own icon - which I thought was rather presumptious behaviour for a codec, but there you go.