Saturday, September 23, 2006

Best Thing Ever

If George Formby did the Ace of Spades

Uniforms! George Formby! Ukeleles! Rock! Yes! My life, as they say, is complete.


Unknown said...

You clearly haven't seen the Ukelele Orchestra of GB - pity. they did a free gig in Fulham last week and their versions of Anarchy in the Uk and Slave to the Rhythm brought the place down.

kim said...

Ah, but I have; at the Half Moon in Putney a couple of years ago. Miss Dy-na-mi-te-ee is, I believe, somewhere between Stereolab (hrrah!) and fatboy Slim (how did that happen?)on my most listened chart for the last few years. They are, indeed, marvellous.

kim said...

Haaaaaaaaaaaang on a minute... Boss?