Friday, August 01, 2003

Boy from the neck up, Girl from the neck down.

Holy Aspergers, I have a male brain.

A friend sent me a link to this terribly unscientific psychology test. It's a simple idea - plot your empathy against your systematising drive, and find out what kind of brain you have - men tend to be more systematising than women.

Well, on the male-female scale, I come out at Freak.

My scores? 27 on the EQ - the average for a woman is 47. I'm in the bottom quartile - the realm of Aspergers and Rain Man. On SQ, I got 47 - the average score for a gel being 24. Noticing something a bit... arse around tip there?

Time to start the argument about genetic markers for lesbianism with my housemate again. And time to stop sorting my CDs with an elaborate system of my own devising. And liking maths.

I feel I ought to appologise to all my long suffering mates who've been humouring an emotional retard for the last 29 years.

Sorry, chaps.

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