Monday, August 11, 2003

Moral Dilemma

Have just had the interesting 'Do I tell my workmates I have a blog' thing. It's thorny, especially as it's obvious that I'm posting in office hours. Which is setting a very bad example. I could always change the timezone to Honolulu?

The thing is, it's lovely Tim. And I've read his blog, and it nearly broke me.

It's hard to hear what is going through the heads of those whose lives you're pissing up.

EDIT: I've just realised that with no context, this is an odd post. So - Tim says in his blog that he only makes bold moves when he's desperate. He's talented, and I think he feels frustrated to be using his considerable brain in a very confining medium. So now we've got him shackled in a big old continuing contract.

I hope he doesn't let this place suck him dry.

And now I'm wondering about the implications of publishing a blog to employment law tribunals.

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