Friday, August 08, 2003


Well, predictably, I've already slacked off on my posting.

It's one of those things about me. I enjoy doing stuff and having hobbies and going places, but mostly I just can't be arsed.

Admittedly, I've actually been applying myself in the office this week, and have been updating the edinburgh blog - albeit with someone elses words - so not quite as much time to posty-post as I'd like. And when you spend your entire working day in front of a computer, firing up the laptop when you get home isn't attractive...

But all of this is excuses. I'm fickle and lazy and never follow through with anything. Deal with it, and I promise I'll work on my guilt issues.

(The other thing was that I nearly started writing about Charddonnay, and then realised that I was turning into an antifeminst chicklit caricature, which Just Won't Do.)

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