Wednesday, February 09, 2005

New Interest in Life

Sound mirrors - Denge

One of the strange side effects of my breakup (still hideous, by the way - I'm moving out) is that I've reconnected almost instantly with 'random stuff I'm interested in'.

Something about being in a relationship makes me jettison my capacity to get over-excited about things. All of the energy that usually fizzes around and gets poured into little projects, or fleeting obsessions seems to get sucked in to my efforts to 'have a relationship'. I think the lesson is that I should just 'be' in a relationship rather than having one.

But anyway, it's like my sense of self has come back.

And I have been struck by an immense desire to go and visit these sound mirrors on Dungeness.

I *must* learn to drive.

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zuzula said...

I found that too - suddenly it's okay to do what you want, when you want, because you're not concentrating on anyone else. Be careful though, you get used to it! I am now a resolute singleton because I'm far too selfish about doing my own thing to get involved with anyone else. Oh - and also because i can't find anyone else, of course ;)