Monday, April 11, 2005

Cold Showers? Bromide?

Haven't been posting much. Feel strangely guilty, and also resigned to the fact that maybe the blog is another thing that will just fade out of my life as I move on to other things.

Strange, as there's lots going on; it's just most of it is interior and I'm feeling too tender to put it out there at the moment. I'm fine with the general no privacy stuff, but I suspect that writing about a lot of this blah will be tantamount to disgusting emotional exhibitionism, and only cause mortifying embarrassment at a later date.

But, this was meant to be a little post to make a small complaint to spring, and whatever vernal goat-legged satyr has capered across my grove, recently.

Now, look here, Pan, you hairy little bugger, I was quite happy in my gentle, asexual state. I had completely come to terms with a celibate existence, and was looking forward to several years of getting lots of things done with the diverted energy. Art of some kind. I really can't cope with all of this unfocused lustiness you've seen fit to bless me with, you sod. I'd like to be able to concentrate in meetings.

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Ian Betteridge said...

It's the time of year for it...