Sunday, April 17, 2005

Diversionary Tactics

I have found a way of dissipating all of this Springy energy, and alas have worn off my fingerprints in the process.

No. Not That.


The big discovery of the weekend is that my new kitchen floor isn't, in fact, white tiles with black grout. The grout is white, and just hasn't been cleaned for a very long time. Even after an hour and a half on all fours scrubbing away, it hasn't shifted.

So, besides a kitchen floor that now approaches hygienic, I have
  • finished redecorating the old flat (Is it me, or is it impossible to get a decent brushmark-free finish on white Satinwood paintwork? Gloss is *much* better),
  • deep cleaned everything to hand it back to the landlady,
  • patched a gougue in a wood floor with cunning application of shoe polish,
  • patched lifted paint with filler and paint-effect recreation,
  • got my favourite bed linen properly white for the first time in ages (Oxyclean powder seems to be the secret the women in my life have been keeping from me!),
  • trebled the ammount of cleaning products under our sink...

Projects. Give me Projects.

Will work for Gin.

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