Thursday, September 08, 2005

So long, Technorati (

So... Technorati is borked beyond hope; well, it's not like we're paying for it.

But anyway - I was interested to read of an alternative on - I had a quick look, found it... somewhat counterintuitive to use, but as I needed to reccomend some ideas for tracking celeb mentions on the web, I pointed a colleague to it.

About ten minutes later she came over and said 'Think you better look at this...'

A search on 'The Queen' had turned up some beautifully lurid blowjob porn.

So... I'll be rethinking that strategy then.

It's an all-to-frequent problem with engineer designed products - they forget the editorial and social buffers they need to impliment to make a product useful, usable, and for that matter, safe for work.

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Anonymous said...

Please accept my sincere apologies if we managed to let some inappropriate material through the system. It's not that we've "forgotten" to take care of the problem, rather that things inevitably slip through when you've got a problem as large as this one.

bob wyman