Tuesday, September 06, 2005

TVShows.org - Download TV Shows, Download Movies and Clips

TVShows.org - Download TV Shows, Download Movies and Clips: "By using this service, you agree to the following conditions: You may not use this service to obtain or distribute software or any other copyrighted material that you do not have the right to. Any violators must leave this site immediately. This site is meant for educational purposes only. You will find a complete online guide and proprietary file sharing software within the member's area. Plus, get access to leading free P2P software, tutorials, tools and music resources. Purchase of a Subscription is not a license to upload or download copyrighted material. We do not condone copyright infringement and urge you to respect the copyright laws of your Country."

Versus the following Google Ad:

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Hmn. How does that work then, that 'not condoning copyright infringement'? Surely advertising that you *can* download a copyright TV show on their service is condoning infringement?


dLICI0US said...

I saw this ad by google as well when logging into my gmail. By searching online, it turn out to be a scam and the fact that google is advertising this is pretty shameful.

Though I do want to add this:

I have talk to my lawyer about computer "copyright" violation and that downloading tv shows is basically the same as recording them on your computer or tivo/dvr. The violation is if you charge someone to watch what you record (similar to selling your downloads). Movies works the same way since it is recordable. Spiderman 2 is playing on HBO at the moment (while I'm typing up this comment). The only thing that I can think is a violation is downloading movies that are recently out in theater.

Now, think about flying from where you are to another city which takes around 2 or more hours, the movie that they play on the plane and the headphone that they charge (usually $5) for you to hear the sound. How about that? Copyright violation?

I have no clue but to tell you, whatever I buy (games, dvd moves, music) will be backup on my computer for the fact that I HATE it when I have scatched CDs/DVDs. Due to game companies which makes it harder to copy games because of the rise of piracy, if I result to downloading a pirated game just because I want to lock up the one I bought to keep it safe from scatches, now is that violating copyright infringement?

I actually don't know and haven't have the chance to ask my lawyer. ;)

Nice blog!!

kim said...

Well, yes, the point I was rather making was that this is a scam site, and a copyright violation to boot. Not to mention using a trademarked name to advertise their services, hence, I'd guess, leading to confusion in the mind of the public.

In flight movies are not, in fact, a copyright violation any more than charging for a cinema ticket or a sky subscription is; airlines cut distribution deals and pay for the right to screen the movies. It's known as a captive audience deal in the trade, iirc.

The violation in terms of recording happens when you use it for anything other than the purposes of time shifting (under UK law - it might be slightly different under US law) - that is, using it to watch a show at a time that suits you.

The law around creating 'ripped' copies for personal use is still untried in a court as far as I know; when it is, there will be precedent under law for the rest of us to follow.

Basically it's the act of transfering your personal copy to another individual, or making your copy available with the express intention of allowing someone else to copy it (filesharing over a network) that will get you.

And watching a DVD on an oilrig? Still punishable by beheading, I think you'll find...

Enrico Politi said...

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