Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Warcaft lingo explained through giffery

From a post on expectnothing.com (GIF Image, 412x226 pixels) - a little primer in World-of-warcraft slang.

I'm completely obsessed with the game at the moment; it's eating all my spare time, and I'm experiencing an odd split in my realities between regular life and life-as-a-dim-giant-cow-lady.

Yes yes, insert your own joke there.

The bleed between the people I know in-game and in RL is odd too - I'm playing with the marvellous Alice; and of course I'm usually sitting next to the boyfriend. The bickering gets quite amusing, but what my online chums never see is the shouting that goes on between the two of us if I fail to tank properly, fall off something, pull aggro, or any one of a number of failings I'm prone to, what with being a bit useless at playing games.

The surprising thing is that I'm finding being a big, stupid bumbling idiot who just hits things very, very liberating.

Anyway - I think it's only a matter of time before Alice and I end up in the same meeting, and one or the other of us uses our in-game names, or some other slang. It'll be entertaining.


The Boyfriend said...

Contrary to rumours, I can confirm that Ms Plowright is a Very Fine Tank indeed, and in no way contributes to my dying every now and then.

Alice said...