Monday, July 31, 2006

Mmm... girls are pretty and not like men and some of them blog, which is cool

Scripting News: 7/31/2006

Oh, good lord.

Dave Winer went to BlogHer, and thought it was full of hott Chixxor.

I'm speechless.


Jane said...

How old is this Dave Winer bloke? 15? Next he will have discovered that we have boobs and everything! Gah

Dan said...


Every time Winer does this sort of thing, I find myself sort of sighing, and then thinking "he's not well", and possibly cutting him too much slack because of a kind of horrified pity about the life of Winer. However, this is unusually cave-dwelling uncle. I was particularly impressed that, looking for a comparison for their beauty, he had access only either to "booth bimbos" or fictional characters. Nnnnice.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for being appreciative among females. Maybe I should return the favor back to you. Males are not that bad. Goodluck then!