Friday, July 21, 2006

YouTube - Roy Smeck - Tiger Rag

OK, so yesterday's YouTube post (which I'm off to delete shortly) was part of a demo of t3h aw3some powaaar of teh internets to some people at work. They wanted the human beatbox.

How I wish I'd known about this fantastic Ukulele playing instead. The blowing over the soundhole is particular genius.

Last summer I bought myself a ukulele, intending to pick it up again - I could play the basics when I was eight or nine years old. But, alas, I discover that like the guitar, bending my fingers around the fretboard brings on my RSI something terrible, and after five minutes I'm in pain that lasts for a day or two. I wish I'd known that using an orbital sander so intensely one summer more than ten years ago was going to permanently affect my life.

Let this be a salutory lesson to you all.

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