Friday, October 20, 2006

Lilacs out of the Dead Land

My mother and I are planning my father's 80th Birthday party

Mum: What about Music? We need music?
Me: I can sort that, that's fine. What do you want?
Mum: Oh, well, I don't know...
Me: Well, what about Peggy Lee, Ella Fitzgerald...umm, I have some Julie London, and some Doris Day...
Mum: Oh, nobody likes that, do they? Jeannie and Laurence like... what is it...
Me: Elvis?
Mum: Coutry and Western!
Me: Oh, I have some Dolly Parton.
Mum: What about that album that we love? Manos Hadjidakis, he's called. Lilacs out of the Dead Land. It's all in greek on the back... it's on record here, we could put it on the computer? Everyone I've played it to has said how lovely it is.

I love my parents, and actually, I think it's entirely fitting that my Dad's 80th birthday celebrations will take place to a soundtrack of Balalaika Music inspired by a TS Elliot poem.

They made me who I am, and I will never, ever be sorry about that.


Anonymous said...

I have the Hadjidakis album, Lilacs out of the Dead Land. It is one of the few LP's I saved from years ago. I would love to hear it again.....I don't think there is a CD available. Very glad to find others remember and love it.

kim said...

Hey Sue

The link in the post above goes to a greek CD store that claims to have it in stock - although their order form barfed when I tried to buy it.

I've been searching the p2p nets and can't find it - although there are other Hajidakis albums there. One day! It'll make my mother ever so happy.

Anonymous said...

"Lilacs Out of a Dead Land"


Anonymous said...

"Lilacs Out of a Dead Land"


kim said...

Aw! Brilliant! Thanks so much, that'll make my mum really happy. And tomorrow is mother's day too!

Vinyl Room said...

I have to say a huge thank you for this album.


M.Moreno said...

I searched for this record on recommendation and found it here. I wanted to say thank you for posting it, it's lovely. In addition, your rip is quite good too.
Take care.