Monday, October 02, 2006

Your Name Deciphered: Kim

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Literal meaning

'Christ, get that thing away from me.'


Celebrated as the first word written with the first pencil invented in 1222 AD, the name Kim was originally used by nuns to refer to warriors who died during drill practice, before being pulled from a fire that killed its variants and diminutives.

Famous Kims

1. Kim du Marl-Proms, who discovered Sock 'n' Roll;
2. Inspector Kim Quoits, haunted by an image of the nightmare cupboard;
3. Kim Millington-Ach, co-writer of INDIANA JONES AND THE MECHANICAL PONTIFF;
4. Kim Happenstance, aroused by between nine and fifteen scientific principles; ghost-writer of Thora Hird's anarchist's handbook and autobiography, DOCTOR! THE FORCEPS!;
5. Brigadier-General Kim Dindymene ('The Uncanny'), named in court as holding compromising material concerning the world's most attractive bucket;
6. Kim T O'Lilly Li, who lost a fortune on the self-aware cartoon strip; ghost-writer of Peter Lawford's compelling autobiography, I WAS KILLED IN THE WAR;
7. Kim A Thews ('The Nervous'), indifferent to the Bakelite Diet;
8. 'Terrible' Kim Chinly ('The Thing'), who owes everything to Tramp Drink;
9. Kim H Tidecatcher, MD, fascinated to death by Explode-O, the wonder bang dismantler; ghost-writer of Yootha Joyce's cousin's autobiography, SEE YOU IN HELL;
10. Kim Trabmaw, champion of the right to use thirty-one entirely new ways to kneel.

Typical Kim motto

"Let us emulate the wily Prussian."

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"Maker of tubular mouse cities."

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