Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Hack for Europe! (

A Hack for Europe! (

Yay! Sign up!

I really want to go to this. But I don't think my leet baking, drawing and needlework skillz count as 'making' at this point. Which means I'm an obsessive business networker. Oh.


Mr Tom C is getting a bit worried that everyone is pointing to his post about this, and that the many other organisers aren't getting due credit. I know the people doing the organising at the BBC end too, and they have indeed all been working like dogs to sort this.

So credit to all where credit is due! has all the details.


Tom said...

Why not get together with a team of people to build something awesome? That's totally allowed. We want people to come in teams, and designers and stuff are totally welcome if they're prepared to get their hands dirty.

kim said...

Matthew Somerville
09:28 (5 hours ago)
For some reason, Blogger Capaptatcha images don't ever appear on my
computer, and so I can't post comments on blogger blogs. Anyway, here's what
I was going to post on

"Not only do they count, I think you'd be a great asset at an event like
this. So there!"


kim said...

OK - so, if anyone wants a baking/desinging/drawing/videoediting/sculpting girl who is quite good at pulling people together in to teams to get stuff done (and muffins), let me know.