Sunday, April 08, 2007

Make Lighthearted Comments, Descend to General Ennui

New at Pentagram: Scenes From a Blog

This ammused me greatly. Sometimes, in my more bitter and cynical moments, I think that trolling, flame wars, the whole caboodle is an inevitable outcome of giving a bunch of socially inept computer geeks access to an incredibly powerful set of tools that over significate and immortalise trivial social interactions.


Chris said...

And that's what you think when you're feeling cynical? I'm curious as to what you think about it when you're feeling optimistic... :)

Incidentally, it amuses me that I have posted some things that skip the formalities and go straight into stages 8-10. :D

Best wishes!

kim said...

Actually, when I'm feeling optimistic, I just append 'And this is good and healthy' to that sentence.

When I'm full of bile and spite, I veer towards adding '...and that's why the human race is doomed and frankly I want no part of it.'