Wednesday, December 17, 2003



Oh Yes.

Lots of em.

Monday, December 15, 2003

Blues Brothers 1066

Smite it!

white vibes

white vibes

white vibes

white vibes

Know Your Monsters

Know Your Monsters

Jog Dial Scum

Why netscape is better off dead. Jog dial navigation only works on professional grade editing systems, and i-pds as far as I can tell. It does not work on windows media player, or... sweet christ... a browser.

Barely in London At All

Looks like I live well outside the proper bit of London.

This is an almost good remix of a tube map. They haven't quite taken it as far as they should have done. And, let's face it, they have pissed on the spirit of Mr Harry Beck's design.

I wonder what the obsession with Tube Maps floating round the blogsphere is at the moment? Maybe it's just my particular little 'verse that's polluted with the meme. Too many system-think geeks with borderline Aspergers.

What would I redo the Tube Map as? Hmmm... an internal dialogue. Lines about Sexuality, realtionship to food, mother, father, office, lovelife... a nice idea. But I don't think my pun gland is up to it.

Merry Fucking Christmas.

Hey, it's my dad.

Hope springs eternal

If you hate Spam like I do,
you owe it to your self to try this program, and forward
this email to all of your friends which also hate Spam or
as many people possible. Together lets help clear the
Internet of Spam!

Sigh. Wishing deeply for some kind of digital shotgun today. Although I am fully expecting to be the recipient of our department's annual Piers Beckley Memorial Award for Pointless Emails.

So I'm guilty too.

Thursday, December 11, 2003

Rushkoff's Bull

A demonstration of Predictive Psychology. It seems to work. It's science that is undistinguishable from magic.

Filthy Bum Sex

Beyond Tops and Bottoms: Correlations between Sex-Role Preferences and Physical Preferences for Partners among Gay Men

It's like, gay sex, but with graphs. Definately safe for work...

Wednesday, December 10, 2003


Ethnographic Mobile Design for Teenagers

One day I will give all of this up and make really nice short films.

Music Videos - they're what I really should be doing. Although I don't smoke enough dope to be creative these days.

Ars(e) longa, vita brevis.

I used to have an absolute passion for the work of Peter Greenaway. I loved the thickness of it - the interconnectedness, willfull obcurity, references, and generally the sheer fuck-you-I-know-more-about-art-than-you-ever-will ness of it all.

It aslo looks pretty.

Now, maybe one gets more stupid as one gets older. Or less... connected with themes. But I've just found his new interactive project. Frankly there isn't time in the world to catch up with whatever bee happens to have got in his bonnet this time. So, check out the Tulse Luper Suitcases by Peter Greenaway.

Bastard still draws like an angel though.

The Idler

The Idler:
Where does Emile Zola go to relax?
A J'acuzzi

What do you say if a poet and late show presenter offers you a waterproof sheet?
Ta paulin

Great half finished Gags.

Also now makes me want to force Lee'n'Jef to go on countdown, so they can be Carol Vorderman's bitter homos.

Monday, December 08, 2003

A (double starred)

The Book of Ratings - a lovely, simple idea coupled with fab writing. I like.

I must post a proper entry at some point soon - there's a lot to think about, and I'm being ill disciplined again.

The list in brief:
Work - fear and terror
Growing up at alarming rates
Divorce, and cohabitation - compare and contrast
Shyness and strangers
Leadership vs headless chickens
Friends in LA - on missing them.
Sticking pins into Fairies.

Monday, December 01, 2003

I hate Christmas

Quite a lot, actually.

And someone in my office has just ceremonially turned on fairylights around their monitor. With the switch thrown by someone who was once in a fairy liquid advert.

Hate, Hate, Hate, Hate.