Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The Powerpoint definition of Irony

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Practice what you preach, sir, practice what you preach.

Not much going on around here recently, sorry. I'm having a fallow posting period, as my energies are elsewhere.

Roo, the big post you're expecting will be along... sometime soon.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Google Homepage Gadget

BBC Pres Clock Google Gadget

I made a gadget. It shows the flash files of the old BBC clocks from the cult site. You can put it on your google homepage.

To make it work:
- Sign in to your google personal homepage
- hit the 'add stuff' link on the left just above the content panel
- hit 'add by URL' next to the search homepage content button
- put this url http://www.mildlydiverting.com/bbcpresclock.xml in the box
- confirm
- go back to your homepage and marvel at my leet coding skillz. :)

It may stop working when the BBC archives my old cult site. /wipes away tear

Saturday, June 09, 2007

FlashFlavor » photographing a beach ceremony at night with no available light

FlashFlavor » photographing a beach ceremony at night with no available light

Does what it says on the tin, in spades. Sigh, wish I were better at photography.

Favourite New Concept: Schrodinger's Celebrity

Glitter For Brains: "The most annoying thing about her is she's Schrodinger's Celebrity - she only exists because we look at her. So all this vitriol and hate I've just poured over my keyboard (and a small amount of Bloody Mary, but someone nudged my arm while I was having breakfast) is fuelling her time in the spotlight."

Lovely Lee on Paris Hilton. The most perfect way of describing the new breed of celebretard that's doing the rounds; only famous because we keep supplying the oxygen of publicity...

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

..and Lemons

newswireless.net .:. News .:. Orange "doesn't think it's a problem" ...

Interesting little article about Orange's data policy. £8 for 30Mb. As opposed to the 1Gb cap on T-Mobile. Hah.

I've been meaning to upgrade my mobile for ever. I was using a Nokia 8310 until about a fortnight ago, and it was slowly dying. A great shame, as it's a lovely phone, with the last of the great black and white operating systems; really elegant and quick if you use your phone for calls and texts and nothing else.

The decision was taken out of my hands by a lucky name-from-a-hat moment at Jaiku; I took a marketing survey and was - frankly - shocked to win a Nokia N95 a few weeks later. I had of course completely forgotten about the survey in the meantime.

So - there I was, shiny new dataphone, old one-to-one pricematch tarrif with Orange, plus a moment in a phone shop when the assistant laughed in my face when I asked about upgrades.

I'm now with T-Mobile. It's all good.

Although, N95 appears to have a funny bug where, if left idle for a while on charge the microphone doesn't work when I go to answer a call. Anyone else having similar trouble?