Tuesday, March 30, 2004

London Director system exchange names

Or, in less geeky speak - the original text messaging!
London Director system exchange names

My mother still has the occasional slip and refers to london numbers as Archway blah-blah-blah-blah. Which is charming (as is her habit of occasionally converting prices into pounds, shilling and pence without seeming to actually think about it).

I'm gutted to discover that my old phone number still had it's proper code

(Peckham 7762, please, operator!) whereas I'm now in some pseudo-exchange. Stonegrove, in Edgeware? Pah.

All you geowonks, take note - better make sure you've got enough space in your FOAF and GeoURL codes to write smart names into the data.

Telegraph | Arts | 'I am a young woman. I have sex for money. And I love to write. This is my story...'

Belle in the Telegraph: "here are interesting, well-spoken people for whom the explicit commodification of sex is preferable to the hawthorn thicket of modern relationships."

My main problem with the hysteria and 'It's all a fake' arguments going round is that knocking it makes a rather insidious assumption; namely that any woman who is a prostitute is too stupid to write or operate a computer.

I don't think this is the case.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

luvly: Why do people give up weblogs?

luvly: Why do people give up weblogs?

Becasue they are fickle and eaqsily bored, and theres only so long you can sustain teenage navel gazing?

Monday, March 22, 2004

Oh, and when I said I'm having an internal week...

Sometimes, juxtapositions in blog posts add a whole new level of meaning...

I used to be Belle De Jour, but I Drifted

dotdew: Who Is Belle de Jour?

Damn, someone else did a whois lookup of iambelledejour.com

I'd go with the 'probably an A' theory.

I want to believe. But I did have my doubts after the description of self-fisting. S/he must have long arms, or do yoga, or something, because it takes a degree of contortion I don't think I could accomplish, RSI aside.

I can't imagine it being a fun thing, as much as something that would give you a rather odd sense of personal achievement.

Oh So Quiet

Not been posting much because I haven't had much to say.

Having an internal week or two.

However, things that have been interesting me... include the ConCon UK

Having met a nice lady at a work party and had possibly the most enthusiastic conversation ever about RSS feeds (geek, geeek, geeeeek!)...

I want to start a fortnightly meet. In a pub. Where lots of interesting folk can come along and talk nonsense and drink beer.

Because I'm bored of never being able to engage with ideas with anyone.

I'll set up an email list, or something, and do the organising. We could do it on a weeknight so we can have those reqesite work hangovers and a sense of achievement / befuddlement the next day.

The rules -
Polite skepticism. Challenge people, but let them be wrong if they need to be.
Look outside the group for inspiration - none of this everdecreasingcircles of navelgazing, it's about getting out of ruts.
Consideration - if someone doesn't get it, explain it to them. Good explainations are a skill we can all use.

Anyone up for it?

Wednesday, March 03, 2004

I find this a bit confusing

Turtle TV - Free Video Downloads with an Amphibious Twist

Yep, someone's recreated popular films using live terrapins as the actors.

Very... very odd.

Monday, March 01, 2004

Digital Windolene

XML.com: Geeks and the Dijalog Lifestyle [Feb. 18, 2004]: " ...humans have in their nature a tendency to collect lots of things which are similar but distinct; and that tendency includes an urge to order those collections according to some ordering scheme.

We do this in part because such collections offer us a means of ordering our own histories; for some of us, our media collections are props for the narrative, the lived drama, of our lives."

As a lady who spent a day and a half of her week off putting her CDs in order (and, I hasten to add, cleaning the accumulated Peckham fagash off the cases with windolene) this seems pertinent.

One of the problems with digital media is their lack of tangibility. they don't get 'worn' as they're loved. There's no patina. There's no seductive nostalgia about an old file - it's as crisp as when it's bits were burnt.

I've been trying to design a new template for the blog that feels lived in; it just looks forced.