Monday, March 01, 2004

Digital Windolene Geeks and the Dijalog Lifestyle [Feb. 18, 2004]: " ...humans have in their nature a tendency to collect lots of things which are similar but distinct; and that tendency includes an urge to order those collections according to some ordering scheme.

We do this in part because such collections offer us a means of ordering our own histories; for some of us, our media collections are props for the narrative, the lived drama, of our lives."

As a lady who spent a day and a half of her week off putting her CDs in order (and, I hasten to add, cleaning the accumulated Peckham fagash off the cases with windolene) this seems pertinent.

One of the problems with digital media is their lack of tangibility. they don't get 'worn' as they're loved. There's no patina. There's no seductive nostalgia about an old file - it's as crisp as when it's bits were burnt.

I've been trying to design a new template for the blog that feels lived in; it just looks forced.

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