Monday, September 20, 2004

Lucky Mr Belam`

Well, I really did mean to get to London open house this year. I even got as far as ordering the brochure. But then a girlfriend with a bout of flu put the mockers on it. It's a shame as it was pretty much the last chance to see the old St Pancras buildings, let alone Leighton's House. Or the Kingsway underpass, which was galling.

Martin B, a lovely workmate, made the best of it - he visited excitingly disused but nonetheless fascinationg bits of the tube system. Check out his photos.

It was kind of ameliorated by being allowed to watch two Fred Dibnah programmes in bed on saturday morning, and two 'Seven Wonders of the industrial age'-es on sunday night. Which featured Mr Bazalgettes sewers, and the fantastic pumping station at shellness.

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