Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Lily Allen

Crikey. This is going to be huge.


More grist to the faux/retro mill, I guess.

In other news, I'm just back from a week at MILIA. It was odd. I have notes, they may become a post at some point.

Standout event - being harangued by a very drunk, angry dutch producer whose pitch didn't win in their category. Still trying to decide whether to be really nice and contact her for a civilised chat about it all...


Yosiell Lorenzo said...

i just heard about lily.. so damn good cant wait for the record to drop

Anonymous said...

like a bird on a stoop can't wait for her shit to drop

Anonymous said...

i found an interview with her here:http://squirrelfood.net/index.php?entryid=171
and some more stuff, including her single LDN. her myspace says the album drops in july!

Anonymous said...

She is the freshest thing to hit the music scene in years....she is a throwback to the lyrics of Squeeze, Ian Dury, The Jam etc...she will be massive and LDN will be the hit of the summer....not to mention she is as cute as a button to boot