Sunday, June 22, 2008

Roots of Breakdance (Run DMC - It's Like That)

(Edit - hmn, YouTube doesn't seem to be passing the notes around that blog post)

I've been rooting around on YouTube looking at dances, inspired by Tom's marvellous post about Belgian Jump Style. If he doesn't bash a talk together about the cultural hand-me-down chains in dance culture, I may have to.

It's something about everything old being new again, or maybe everything new being old again. It's satisfying, anyway.

Plenty more little gems on my YouTube playlist. Sadly a lot of stuff seems to have vanished. Must remember to download and preserve!


James Wallis said...

And say children--what does it all mean?

Tom P said...

Thanks! And isn't youtube great!

If you enjoy that kind of pop culture archaeology you should really check out wayne&wax's blog(s) especially his crunk genealogy posts (this one's my favourite)

and his dem bow mix