Wednesday, May 18, 2005

SIRC Guide to flirting

SIRC Guide to flirting

From the people that brought you the guide to pub ettiquette... a guide to flirting.

It's rather splendidly witty, but actually fantastically accurate. I only worked out the arm-touch trick when shown it in action by someone a couple of years ago. Look, I've never claimed to be the most socially soignée of souls... but really, if the whole flirtation thing leaves you a bit nonplussed, this is the best primer around.

The other thing that surprised me about being 'taught the tricks' a few years ago, incidentally, was that no-one seems to mind if you do them rather deliberately; the whole thing becomes a marvellously arch and slightly camp game.

I do wonder, however, if anyone has studied same-sex flirtations, and how it might differ...

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