Monday, May 16, 2005

Vegas, LaChapelle, Flickr, Holga

The thing I love most is that flickr has given me the kick up the arse I needed to start with the old creativity again. OK, so I'm only taking snapshots - but there were a couple of pictures of Broadcasting House taken the other night that nearly, nearly make the cut.

It's also got me into playing with toy cameras - Holgas and Lomos, oh my! I've known about the Lomo for years, but never got round to picking one up until recently; it's so diddy, I fell in love with it instantly. I'm getting really overexcited about finishing my first film, and seeing the results - a delayed pleasure of film photography I'd completely forgotten about in this digital age.

So, anyway, I'm rambling. I meant just to put a pointer up to this marvellous set of Holga shots of the current Selfridges windows. Kind of where my head is at currently; shiny and kitsch.

Props to Froupster.

Flickr: froupster's photos tagged with selfridges

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