Thursday, July 19, 2007

Moo Stickers

MOO | Stickers - Print stickers using your images

So, you can now buy Moo Stickers. They're great. Really. You can put your own pictures on them, or buy one of our new ReadyMade packs if you don't think your pictures are up to the job.

You'll notice I said 'Our' there.

About a month ago, I was chatting to Roo Reynolds, who said 'I keep reading your site expecting you to make the big announcement, but you never do. What's with that?'. Except he probably didn't say 'What's with that?' because he's not Californian. But, he had a point.

So, I left the BBC. In May. I now work for Moo, as a product manager. Doing nice things. Yes. I'd spent eight and a half years at the Beeb, doing all kind of things, from Cult and Doctor Who, to the project looking at the way the site needs to change to keep up with the rest of the internets. But a girl gets tired, and needs a change.

Moo is a challenge. It's a small company - we're all in one room! It's fast moving. I get to make suggestions that get acted on in hours, not years. I'm working with lovely people like Denise, Dan, Stef and Richard. It's a good change, and a challenge, and we make cute things. The project I'm working on is interesting, and brings me back closer to an old love - design.

I'm pretty happy.


Anonymous said...

I'm ordering mine *right now*.

Will they be printed for later? :-)

I've told you in person already, but congratulations on the new job. Yay!

kim said...

I *think* the stickers ordered today will be batched and back for posting on Monday morning. Officially, it's up to ten working days for delivery from then; in the UK it's *usually* shorter than that, but it depends on how overwhelmed our packing/posting team is.

Anonymous said...

s'ok, I was kidding *grin*
Very very cool. Looking forward to seeing them.

Jamie said...

i'd pieced together bits of info (mainly a big notice on evil facebook saying 'i work at moo') - congratulations! you can have several children waiting for things to happen at the beeb, and on recent evidence it looks like many people do.

sorry i didn't make the party last week, i got into a 'going home and not going out' funk.

Lara said...

You used to work at BBC hey? what was that like?? They've just bought out Lonely Planet where my partner works. Their heads of digital (some couple?) have moved over to run the digital department over there and that's been.... interesting ... so far.

Moo sounds much better!

kim said...

Yeah, I worked there for over 8 years! It was fun, but it's a big old slow organisation.

I actually know the Conroys quite well - Andy was my boss for a good few years. He's a great sort, actually - tough, but fantastically good at what he does. I've got a huge amount of respect for him.

He came in to turn my old department around, and did so in quite an amazing way. It wasn't... unpainful, and at first we all found it a bit alarming, but you can learn a lot just from watching Andy operate.

Funnily enough, he used to tell me off if he asked me 'How's your world?' and I replied 'Interesting' :)

I hope your partner weathers it OK - big times of change like that are tough; I went through several of them at the Beeb.