Wednesday, May 11, 2005

BBC Backstage

BBC Backstage has just launched.

It's a project that lets all the leet hacksaws have a dig around with BBC feeds, and make prototypes based on our stuff.

It's completely groundbreaking for Auntie - you can't believe how much red tape was sliced to get this up and running. But it's the first sign of the wonderful change in attitude inside this place. Roll on public value.

Go. Play. Sign up for the email list.

And when you sign up, give the Mighty Tom Loosemore and the equally Mighty (if smaller in stature) Ben Metcalfe and James Boardwell big props. They have achieved miracles.

And, err, with a toot of my own trumpet, have a look at The People's Weather - which 'won' best idea in the closed internal test of the site. It's made by someone we know...

1 comment:

Mrs Wann said...

This is cool. A fertile grow bag for many super aps. Your weather idea is excellent, toot indeed!!!!