Sunday, January 29, 2006

Two Slightly Distressing Pieces of Homophobia

Don't be openly accepting of gay sexuality, just in case people get upset with you.

Way to go, Blizzard. Because the constant gay jokes made by other players in game don't get to me *at all*, oh no, never, no no. And I *never* wish that there were people around who were a bit more mature and welcoming. No, never.

Lowri Turner: Some of my best friends are gay! No, really!

...and I bet they're *really really* pleased with that piece of journalism, Lowri. Careful, or they might not give you their *fabulous* advice about scatter cushions next time you need it.


Anonymous said...

Interesting article about Blizzard's GLBT policies.

I've recently started playing again on the Moonglade server. It might be because I'm still low-level, before the time-waster kids get weeded out, but I've noticed a distinct increase in dumb/rude people since I stopped playing last year. Definitely not a place that feels GLBT friendly.

Oh, and another way WoW is anti-trans: no pretty dress-up-doll races on the Horde side! ;-)

Chris said...

US companies generally seem afraid to take a stance on sexuality... it's sad that when they do, they usual manage to come down against any expression of different sexualities.

We'd all like a MMOG with more mature and welcoming players, though! I wonder if it's actually possible... :)

kim said...

Pfff! Taurens are GORGEOUS and I'll hit you with my big mallet if you say otherwise...

And Chris - i'm guessing that's to do with not getting too far under the skin of the bible belt...