Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Post about Posting this before

Issue 513, 30 January 2006, Giving déjà vu a second look

Have I ever mentioned that occasionally, I get Deja Vu *so* bad that I have to sit down and take a breather? It's usually when I'm very tired or stressed. I can recognise it as Deja vu, but sometimes my brain tells me that no, I've actually recently dreamed this situation. On really bad occasions, I get Deja Vu of having had Deja Vu *in the same situation before*, and of having dreamed the event triggering the previous Deja Vu in the same situation.

Frankly, when I get those, I get nauseous and have to have a cup of tea to recover. It renders me incapable of doing anything but going 'Woh...' (like Neo learning Kung Fu, frankly) and calming my head until it catches up with itself.

I wonder, then, if it's linked to my terrible short term memory?


MinCat said...

metooalso! scarily. only i know i dreamed it. only i never remember my dreams. but i know.

Anonymous said...

...and me! I get the dej's over having the dej's, stopping and thinking 'wow...I've stopped and thought wow exactly like this before..' - perhaps this is how it excels into ultra-dejness?

Biscuits, for me, seem to be a trigger. Dej trigger biscuits. Christ...