Thursday, February 09, 2006

Super Dirty Sekrit Achilles Heel

I'm a cultured kinda person. I like terribly dry music, and thoughtful art, and stately television, and Radios and BBC 4s. I like my laughs intellectual and clever clever, not dumb and crass. I have a loathing of American Teen Grossout comedies. I despise South Park.

But I have a filthy little secret. Sometimes, when I think no-one is looking, I degrade myself by wallowing in Low Culture. It makes me feel dirty and transgressive and wrong. I enjoy the guilt.

I debase myself, and I love it.

I like wrestling, and the comedy output of Jack Black.

I like oiled men in spandex, and I *adored* Heat Vision and
. Men with mullets faking fights make me... well, flustered. And I have watched a Ben Stiller product and laughed.

There. I've admitted it.

Imagine, then, the ammount of wiping up I had to do after I was sent this:

Nachos are Yummy

It could only be improved by the addition of Owen Wilson, who I've had a bit of a thing for since back before I went straight. It was Shanghai Noon that did it. Mmmm, cowboys. Tags:

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